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These are unprecedented times where we are all being asked to contribute in any way possible to help neighbors survive COVID 19. It’s important to remember that we will get through this. For those of us at the Arizona Cooperative Initiative, we believe that cooperation is the only way we can all survive. Cooperatives, because they follow the 7 cooperative principles, see the survival of the individual only possible with the survival of the community.

With this in mind, we frequently update our Twitter feed with pertinent information and services to non-profits, small businesses and cooperatives free of charge. We want to help small enterprise manage their way through the SBA loan and grant process. Please email us so can help you as quickly as possible. Please feel free to share this with anyone who needs assistance.

We will get through this. We will get through this better together. No one has ever cooperated alone.

What Is a Cooperative?

Cooperatives are enterprises based on ethics, values, and principles.

Through self-help and empowerment, reinvesting in their communities and concern for the well-being of people and the world in which we live, cooperatives nurture a long-term vision for sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental responsibility.

Did you know that more than 12% of humanity is part of any of the 3 million cooperatives in the world!

The largest 300 cooperatives and mutuals report a total turnover of 2,034.98 billion USD, according to the World Cooperative Monitor (2019).

Cooperatives contribute to the sustainable economic growth and stable, quality employment, employing 280 million people across the globe, in other words, 10% of the world’s employed population.

As member-owned, member-run and member-serving businesses, cooperatives empower people to collectively realize their economic aspirations, while strengthening their social and human capital and developing their communities.

Here in Arizona, cooperatives supply milk and dairy products, banking services through credit unions, groceries at food cooperatives, building supplies at your local Ace hardware, outdoor supplies at REI, electricity and energy services to rural Arizona from rural electric cooperatives, and fresh produce through ag cooperatives. And these are just some of the examples.

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